Chloe's FavoriteBikes Adventure: Embracing Outdoor Living in SoCal

One of my favorite things about living in Southern California is the moderate temperatures year round. We loved living in NYC, but with two growing boys we were ready for more space and the opportunity to get outside year round. So we made the jump and moved to SoCal. And we LOVE it!

Since moving, we spend hours outside every day! Wether we are playing ball in our yard, making sand castle on the beach or simply enjoying long walks around the neighborhood- we spend as much time outside as possible. But one of our favorite things to do is go on long bike rides!

I love how we are instilling a love of being outdoors and being active in our kids from a young age. And over the past few months, I’ve really seen a change in all of our demeanors. I realized spending all of this time outside was really impacting our over all health for the better. So I did a little research and learned there really are so many benefits of spending time outside. Here are the top 10 benefits I found!

10 Benefits of Spending Time Outside

  1. You’ll have more energy :: A 2010 study shows that 90% of people who spent time outside reported increased energy after spending time doing outdoor activities.
  2. You’ll be less stressed :: Studies in 2009, 2010 and 2013 all prove that spending time outside helps lower cortisol levels.
  3. You’ll be able to focus :: A study recently showed spending time outside can help improve your memory and attention. It can even improve short-term memory by 20%.
  4. You’ll be happier :: Spending time outside is proven to naturally boost your serotonin levels {the ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter}.
  5. You will sleep better :: Sunshine helps set our body’s natural internal clocks. Those who spend 30-60 minutes of direct sunlight have better sleep patterns.
  6. You’ll get moving :: Studies show people who spend more time outside also tend to burn more calories.
  7. Your eyes will thank you :: A recent study shows those who spent more time outdoors were less likely to develop nearsightedness.
  8. You’ll boost your immune system :: Studies have proven that spending time outside can increase your immune function even 30 days later!
  9. You may live longer :: One study of individuals 70 and up showed those who spent time outside daily felt better, healthier and were in less pain than those who didn’t spend time outside. Spending time outside also helps reduce your blood pressure and heart rate!
  10. You’ll increase your Vitamin D :: Did you know 3/4 of Americans aren’t getting enough vitamin D? Getting even just 15 minutes of sunshine a day helps!

Favorite Bikes Electric Bike Review

We live close to the beach, but just far enough that walking takes a decent chunk of time. So for the first couple of months living here, we would drive to the beach. Finally, we decided it was time to invest in an electric bike and goodness- I wish we would have done it sooner! Now we’re saving money on gas and parking, while also spending more time outside!

I love how Favorite Bikes can be ridden as a traditional bike, with the pedal-assist function or with the throttle. When I began researching different electric bikes I had a few requirements. The electric bike had to be easy to use, on the lighter side {some e-bikes can weigh up to 80 lbs- yikes… ours is 55 lbs}, have a map navigation {this is coming soon in the app – I’m still learning the lay of the land here}, have a long lasting battery and of course, have an aesthetically pleasing design. So when I found the Favorite Bikes Hybrid ST, I knew I found a winner!

The bike connects to the Favorite app, so if I don’t have easy access to my RFID {or if I didn’t bring it with me}, I can just use my phone to unlock the intelligent lock system. I also love that the Favorite Bike app has a navigation system coming soon that will show up on the bikes color LCD screen. {anyone else directionally challenged?} The bike also tracks your distance and your pace, so we’ve had some fun trying out different routes to find the best paths around town!

If you want the technical details, our bike has a 48V 500W geared hub Bafang motor and a long-lasting lithium-ion 48V 10Ah LG/Samsung cell battery. Caleb has gotten the bike up to 26 MPH without really trying, but technically it can reach up to 28 MPH. The throttle can reach 20 MPH and the bike can ride 20-40 miles on one charge. So far we’ve stayed within a 5 mile radius of our home, but our battery has never gone below 50%- even when we are out and about for hours! And thanks to the gel seat, our booties remain cozy the entire ride.

We’ve only stayed out late enough to see it once, but the Favorite Bikes e-bike also has a dusk-to-dawn sensor that automatically turns the headlight on as it gets darker. But I know this summer we will use the headlight often when we ride home from the beach after sunset!

So far, we are loving the Favorite Bikes Hybrid ST and highly recommend it! If you’re contemplating purchasing an electric bike- do it! You’re going to love your new Favorite Bikes electric bike!

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