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Off road is awesome

I got the bike a month ago, and now that the weather is warming up, it's the perfect time to head outdoors and explore the trails. The off-road mode performs well on uphill sections and urban terrain. I enjoy using the throttle for an extra boost when I get tired but still want to cover more ground.

Hi Rich, we are glad you are having fun riding the bike. Happy ride!

Pedal assist makes a difference

I love the pedal assist! It makes riding a bike so much easier, and I can even adjust the level of assistance.

Hi Jodie, we are glad you like the pedal assist function. Happy ride!

first ebike

This is my first ebike, picked after thorough research and a test ride on my friend's bike. Riding uphill or into a headwind is no longer a struggle, and I can adjust how much exercise I get. It's so much fun.

Hi Cody, thank you for your review. Happy ride!

love it

Love the bike so much

Hi Brian, we are glad you love the bike. Thank you!

Sturdy bike

It's a really sturdy bike, perfect for cruising and commuting. It's also a great value for the price.

Hi Lane, thank you for your review. Ride on!

Nice gift

I got this bike for my wife as a Valentine's gift, and she absolutely loves it. Now we spend time each week riding together, exploring the neighborhood and nearby trails. It brings us so much joy.

Hi Pat, we are glad your wife loves the bike. You are such a good husband. Ride on!

So much fun

My husband and I bought the bikes a week ago, and we've already put 50 miles on them. These bikes are fantastic, and we've been having a lot of fun with them.

Hi Sara, we are glad both you and your husband are enjoying riding the bike. Happy ride!

Good looking

Good looking bike period

Hi Zach, we are glad you like the bike. Ride on!


The bike arrived quicker than I expected, taking less than a week to be delivered. It's well-made, packs plenty of power, and is easy to adjust for comfort.

Hi Ken, thank you for your review. Happy ride!

Nice bike

The torque sensor makes the difference. So much fun to ride. It's well-made and visually appealing.

Hi Steve, thank you for your review. Ride on!

My wife loves the bike

My wife loves her hybrid bike so much. It's exactly what she was hoping for: easy to ride and fun to ride. She really appreciates the electric assist on the hills in our area, making biking enjoyable.

Hi Becky, we are glad your wife loves the bike. Wish you two have great time riding the bike.

Hybrid Pro ST Ebike
Jeanette A.
Great bike

It's well-made and functions effectively. Easy to assemble it.

Hi Jeanette, thank you for your review. Ride on!

Dual modes is great

The two modes function is a great add on. I can get smooth rides on the city roads with commuting mode, and the off-road mode enables me to easily navigate through rough terrain.

Hi Aleta, we are glad you like to dual modes. Happy ride!


This bike is incredibly fun and easy to ride.

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I purchased the bike two weeks ago, but due to this year's unusually heavy rainfall in LA, I didn't have the chance to ride it until this weekend. The bike is fantastic, and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the trails at Santa Monica state park.

Hi Namil, thank you for your review. We are glad you have so much fun riding the bike. Ride on!


Awesome bike!!!

Hi Rand, thank you for your review!

Highly recommend

Riding this bike is an absolute blast. For those new to cycling, I recommend experimenting with the pedal assist levels on a dry, open road, as it can pick up speed quite rapidly. Overall, I've encountered no problems with the bike, its controls, or the brakes. Having already covered around 50 miles, I can confidently say this is the most enjoyable biking experience I've had in years. I highly recommend it.

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Easy to assembly

Following the video and manual, the setup process was straightforward and easy. It also came with all the necessary tools for assembly.

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Best looking

The best-looking e-bike around, hands down.

Hi Cody, thank you for your review. Happy ride!

So much fun

My husband and I each purchased a hybrid bike a month ago and have already logged nearly 200 miles on them. They are amazing bikes and have provided us with lots of fun so far

Hi Amy, we are glad both you and your husband are enjoying riding our bikes. Ride on!

Hybrid XR Ebike
Kartik L.
Great family ride

This is the ideal time to bike around the tampa beach. I love the moments riding the bike with my family here.

Hi Kartik, we are glad you have great moments with your family riding the bike.

Hybrid ST Ebike
Elliott V.
Beautiful bike

Beautiful bike

Hi Elliott, thank you for your review. Happy ride!

Great purchase

This ebike is not just ideal for commuting; it's also highly versatile for leisurely rides. I've even taken it on weekend adventures, and it has excelled on both city streets and off-road trails

Hi Jimmy, thank you for your review. We cannot wait to hear about the new adventures you will have on your e-bike.

Happy with it

My boys loved the bike and could not wait to rack up the miles. I am so glad they are happy with the gifts.

Hi Tim, we are glad your boys like riding the bike. May the bike bring your boys much fun!

Hybrid ST Ebike
Arizel R.

This is the most intelligent bike I've ever owned.

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