Elevating E-Bike Safety: The Innovative Favorite Smart Headlight


In the rapidly advancing realm of e-biking, visibility plays a crucial role. It's not merely about lighting your path—it's about ensuring your presence is known and your safety is guaranteed. Enter the Favorite Smart Headlight, a compact yet potent innovation that is reshaping our perceptions of bicycle lighting.

Power Meets Efficiency in a Compact Design

Don't be fooled by the Favorite Smart Headlight's modest size. This small but mighty beacon of light harnesses a staggering 1600 lumens within its compact frame. However, the true game-changer lies in its efficiency. With an energy consumption of only 1 Watt per 100 lumens of light, this headlight sets new standards in energy efficiency while offering unrivaled illumination.

A Cooler Approach: Intelligent Temperature Management

Even in extreme riding conditions, the Favorite Smart Headlight keeps its cool—literally. Equipped with multiple temperature sensors, it constantly monitors heat levels and adapts the brightness accordingly. Whether you're traversing a hot desert or tackling a steep incline, these sensors prevent overheating, thereby extending the headlight's lifespan and ensuring a steady glow.

Precision Optics: Visibility Meets Courtesy

The Favorite Smart Headlight's capabilities extend beyond brightness and adaptability—it also offers a meticulously designed optical system. Distinct optical designs for high and low beams ensure optimal visibility in various riding conditions. Moreover, the downward-directed beam is a thoughtful feature that protects the eyes of oncoming drivers, making Favorite's Smart Headlight a considerate choice for riders sharing the road.

Sensing the Unseen: Dusk-to-Dawn Activation

Enhancing its roster of smart features, the Favorite Smart Headlight is equipped with an intelligent dusk-to-dawn sensor. This feature enables automatic activation of the headlight as ambient light levels drop, ensuring you're never left in the dark. This automatic feature takes the onus off the rider to manage lighting, allowing you to focus on your ride.

Adapting to Change: Speed and Light Intensity

The Favorite Smart Headlight is more than a static source of light—it's a dynamic riding companion. An integrated speed sensor adjusts the light intensity based on your riding speed. As you pick up pace, the light intensifies, enhancing visibility. Conversely, as you decelerate, the light dims, mirroring the sophisticated features of modern automotive technology and contributing to a safer riding experience.


The Favorite Smart Headlight stands as a beacon of innovation, setting new benchmarks for e-bike lighting. It offers a blend of unmatched brightness, efficient energy use, smart temperature management, and refined optical design. This headlight isn't merely an illumination device—it's a commitment to safer, smarter, and more considerate e-biking experiences.


  • John

    Press and hold the “-” button to dim or turn off the headlight.

  • Louis

    How do you turn off the headlight completely?

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