Favoritebikes Ebike Warranty

Warranty Applicability

This warranty is exclusively for e-bikes purchased within the United States and Canada from our official website, favoritebikes.com. For purchases made through other avenues, please consult your original dealer for post-purchase support. All Favoritebikes owners can contact our Customer Service Team for troubleshooting help for the lifetime of their bike.

Note: We do not deliver to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or other U.S. territories. Warranty components will only be shipped within the continental U.S. (the lower 48 states) and Canada.

Warranty Commencement

The warranty period begins upon the delivery date of the original purchase and protects against defects in materials and workmanship, under normal usage conditions, in compliance with Favoritebikes' guidelines.

What's Covered:

  • Structure (5 Years)

    • Frame 
  • Electrical Parts (2 Years)

    • Motor, throttle, control panel, wiring, lights, sensor modules, and charger.
  • Battery

    • Up to 300 charge cycles or retains at least 75% of original capacity.
  • Display

    • Excludes damages from misuse or improper operation.
  • Accessories (1 Year)

    • The warranty starts from the delivery date of the original purchase.
  • Other Essentials (1 Year)

    • Various mechanical components like forks, brakes (except brake pads), and drivetrain parts.

Ownership & Coverage Duration

  • Original Owner: Conditional 2-year limited warranty.

  • Subsequent Owners: No warranty coverage, but eligible for customer support.

What's Not Covered:

  • Paint, graphics, third-party components, or improper maintenance.
  • Consumable parts like brake pads, chains, or rubber components.
  • Damage from improper assembly, neglect, or incompatible parts.

Shipping Damages

Shipping-related damages are not covered. If you notice damage upon receiving your product, you must notify us within 30 days with photographic evidence and retain all original packaging. Favoritebikes is not responsible for damages incurred if you arrange your own shipping.

Warranty Claims:

  1. Initial Contact: Submit a ticket through the provided Link. Alternatively, you can contact Favoritebikes Customer Service via email at support@favoritebikes.com or by phone at +1 (256) 291-1260.

  2. Verification: Provide the required proof of the defect.

  3. Replacement: Follow instructions for returning defective parts and receive a replacement.

Note: Customers bear shipping costs for returns unless otherwise stated. Warranty replacements are sent only to the original purchaser's address.


The warranty is non-transferable for subsequent owners, although support from our Customer Service Team is available.

Legal Disclaimers

Favoritebikes reserves the right to limit warranty services to the country of purchase. ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES ARE DISCLAIMED to the extent allowed by law.

For more details, consult our Authorized Retailers or visit www.favoritebikes.com.

Contact Us

This warranty policy is subject to change. Please visit our website for the most up-to-date information.