Firmware Release Notes

Favorite Bikes Firmware Updates:

  • Software Ver1.0

    • Initial version.
  • Software Ver2.0

    • Updated to enable Favoritebikes App.
  • Software Ver2.1-2.6

    • Internal testing of new features.
  • Software Ver2.7

    • Enabled commuting and offroading riding feature.
  • Software Ver2.8

    • Updated to enable the navigation feature.
    • Dealer advanced setting on Favoritebikes App.
  • Software Ver2.9

    • Reprogrammed for more accurate battery reading.
    • Improved the battery range.
    • Enabled shutdown time in advanced settings, allowing dealers to set up automatic shutdown time.
  • Software Ver3.0

    • Internal testing with new features.
  • Software Ver3.1

    • Updated to enable shutdown time on basic settings, allowing users to choose the automatic shutdown time.
    • Solved the potential issue of RFID and Bluetooth consuming battery while not in use.
    • Enabled over-the-air update system.
  • Software Ver3.2

    • Improved the smoothness of the intelligent lock.
  • Software Ver3.3

    • Added features to allow the front and rear lights to flash simultaneously in daytime flashing mode by pressing and holding the minus button.
    • Added the assisting level option in the basic menu.
    • Added a feature to pair new RFID in the basic menu.

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How to Update the firmware